Hot Rock Dreamer

In these hectic and demanding times, this delicious herbal infusion is a great companion to combat stress and reignite your inner fire and passion.

The calming and relaxing ingredients of chamomile, lime blossom, lemon verbena, lemon balm, tulsi, golden poppy, passionflower and hawthorn bring peace to body and mind, while the gentle touch of chili warms heart and soul.  The warming and soothing effect of this ApoTea is thanks to a very special ingredient.

The chili we use in this infusion is hand-grown by Epica’s bassist Rob van de Loo and his friend Robert Soeterboek.  Together, they operate a chili farm in Rotterdam ( Hot Rock Chili ), where they cultivate chili peppers with great love and dedication, crafting delicious chili products.

Price of 1 Tin filled with Hot Rock Dreamer : 25€

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